A Workshop Intensive with Andrea Chilcote

 Intensive Two-day Course on How to Become a More Effective Catalyst in Business


Individuals responsible for acting as catalysts for growth and change have development needs that are unique and demanding! Are you someone who gets results through influence rather than reporting authority?


Are you a catalyst that helps other people in the organization achieve business goals? Does your effectiveness depend upon developing a shared understanding of your internal clients’ situation and desired outcomes, and your ability to balance maintaining rapport with creating change?


The Advanced Consulting Skills Course is an intensive two-day training designed to build both the confidence and the skill to be effective as a catalyst working with internal and executive-level clients. Understand how to manage relationships with clients whose style or personality is dramatically different than yours. You will learn the skills and practice the applications using real-life content.


Consultants, through the nature of their charter, are responsible for partnering with operational leaders to deliver a solution or result. But to be effective, they must act as catalysts, that is, enter a business problem, design and implement a changed condition, then exit, on to the next challenge. Mastery of this process requires finely tuned skills. If your success depends on the client’s outcome being met, not just on the transaction itself, this course is for you.


What You Will Learn

  • Learn to use a client-focused consulting intervention model; how to elicit current reality, desired outcomes; negotiate and contract for clear deliverables; identify success metrics.

  • Manage the rapport-demand dynamic; learn to use the tools that affect motivation and influence responsiveness in the client.

  • Practice advanced communication skills; understand human “hardware and software;” deal with deletions, distortions and generalizations in the client’s communication.

  • Develop behavioral flexibility; use multiple perspectives to view the client’s problem, system or situation.

  • Maintain confidence in a wide range of situations; identify the personal biases that interfere with the ability to produce results.

  • Be able to work on multiple levels simultaneously.


Who Should Attend   

  • OD, Training and HR Professionals

  • External Consultants

  • Senior individuals in Legal, IT, Finance and those in an “influence” position in senior management

Andrea Chilcote

Founder and CEO of Morningstar Ventures, Author, Executive Coach and Lifestyle Mentor