All of us are impacted by change. Time seems to have accelerated and yesterday’s impossible goals appear simple in light of the complex challenges we face now. Leaders I talk with each day have, at the least, learned to live with uncertainty, and at best, have found a source of authentic optimism. Yet every leader must keep others engaged in a creative and positive approach to each day, despite nearly constant transition and an ambiguous future.


Transformational leaders know themselves, walk their talk, and genuinely care about the well-being of those around them. They inspire and engage creativity and bring out the best others have within - their peak potential. They help people navigate uncertainty by being a stable force in a wild business world.


Join Me on a Journey of Self Discovery

Join me for an intensive workshop to build skills and stamina for leading at the rapid pace of change. Receive actionable feedback, practice new tools, and remind yourself what being a leader calls for each and every day. You’ll come away re-invigorated, having built or reinforced ... 

  • Confidence and composure that result from self-awareness and operating from your strengths.

  • Broad perspective that includes empathy as well as objectivity.

  • Mental agility and flexibility in the face of challenging decisions.

  • Clarity of vision and the ability to articulate it in a way that engages key others.


Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders charged with setting, influencing or communicating future vision or strategic change.

  • Leaders involved in helping individuals and teams navigate transition.

  • Leaders who must engage others through influence.

  • Leaders who want to tap into their innate and unique leadership ability and bring it forward more fully and authentically.

  • Leaders who are passionate (but perhaps weary), strong (yet that strength is tested) and could benefit from fresh perspectives and new approaches.


What's Included
1. Before the workshop, you'll participate in...

  • A customized, online multi-rater assessment that will provide you with focused, confidential feedback from key others.

  • An in-depth leadership style assessment.


2. During the workshop, you’ll experience our high impact and timely exercises and tools…

  • Interaction with other leaders from diverse arenas.

  • Hands-on, experiential exercises that build change agility, influencing skills and engagementof others in a vision of success.

  • Practical, timely tools you will take back and apply on-the-job.

  • A personalized development plan for active implementation and ongoing growth as a leader.


3. After the workshop, you’ll receive…

  • A one-on-one coaching teleconference with Andrea to dig more deeply into your feedback and finalize your development plan.



About My Work

Transformation is the purpose of my work, whether I’m coaching individual executives, or facilitating team development and leadership training. Leaders must constantly transform their own mindsets and skills in order to lead the change that’s required of them.


Transformational leadership requires connection, and even with our dependence on technology for much of our communication, connection is a primal need. That’s why there’s so much distress in organizations when personal agendas and misplaced hierarchical boundaries trump inclusion and collaboration. It’s why, in one-on-one relationships, we seek to be heard and understood first and foremost. The basis of trust is the feeling that one is safe with the other -- and trust is required for engagement of any kind. Perhaps most important is a connection with ourselves; an eyes-wide-open type of awareness and integrity that stems from honest self-examination.


This program offers the best and most relevant tools for leaders now, based on my work in diverse organizations. My no-nonsense, unbiased and genuine approach translates into practical value for each leader I work with.

Andrea Chilcote

Founder and CEO of Morningstar Ventures, Author, Executive Coach and Lifestyle Mentor


A Workshop Intensive with Andrea Chilcote in Phoenix, AZ