About Andrea Chilcote

Andrea Chilcote, Founder and CEO of Morningstar Ventures, transforms business outcomes by serving as a trusted advisor to leaders as they conceive and enact sustainable strategic objectives that align opportunities, talent, processes and structure. Andrea’s leadership and business change management strategies have enabled organizations to prosper. For over twenty years, she has inspired leaders and their teams to tackle the perceived insurmountable obstacles that are the key differentiators between mediocre outcomes and peak performance. Trust in Andrea’s expertise and values enables leaders to take a courageous risk that is transformative in their lives as well as the viability of their organizations. Read Andrea's Full Bio.

Andrea has Assembled an All-Star Team of Expert Consultants

Shelley Hammell is focused on helping guide high-potential leaders make a greater impact. She provides the insight and laser focus to hone in on the changes they need to make to ensure they realize the necessary shifts to achieve their desired results. Shelley coaches high-potential leaders through a proven method for success. As President of Sage Alliance, she is known for her candidness and thought provoking style, delivering the plans and accountability for clients to achieve their goals.


Carol Horner has extensive experience in both the design and facilitation of alignment initiatives. Her efforts create a direct connection between the vision, values and strategies of a company and the day to day activities of their people. Carol's style is engaging and impactful. She believes that in order to affect positive and productive changes in people's attitudes, behaviors, and relationships, you need to actively involve them in their learning process, delivering state-of-the-art yet practical exercises that produce lasting change.


Sheppard Lake is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience in organizational and leadership development. Through engaging clients in their own problem solving, she influences deeper learning and more sustainable behavior changes. This provides an environment for greater self-awareness, authenticity, and enhanced effectiveness to achieve specified results. Sheppard is an expert in helping clients rewire unhelpful learning and create accountability towards established personal and professional goals.


Laura Roccaforte is a learning and organizational development expert with over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries. She’s passionate about helping individuals, organizations and communities to create engaging environments that are positive and inclusive.  She brings expertise in executive coaching and change management. She has created leadership development, career development, talent management and performance management programs to support a positive future state.

The Morningstar Ventures Team of Professionals

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Laura Laizure - Administrative Coordinator

Laura is a client-focused professional who coordinates and manages the administrative aspects of Morningstar Ventures. She's always happy to help, flexible and dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone she supports.