Leadership Coaching: You Need More Than a One-Size Fits All

Does a need to improve leaders' coaching behavior show up on just about every employee engagement survey, 360° assessment, or training needs assessment you conduct? Maybe you've even invested heavily in development programs to help leaders learn to be better coaches. So why don't they stick? Perhaps it's because "coaching" connotes a wide...

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Mentoring in Action

Understanding the Value of Mentoring

Mentoring can of course be a formal process with defined goals and schedules and it can also be a simple reaching out from one person in need of advice, information, skill or coaching to another person who has exactly what’s needed and is willing to give it.


Mentoring creates a “pay it forward” spirit. Personally, when I am asked for help, I am propelled by the gratitude I have for those who have given to me. I would not have accomplished a fraction of what I have without the generosity of mentors.

We tend to hesitate to ask for help, yet when asked it is both flattering and a privilege to help. A mentor can have a transformational impact on one’s life. It’s my view that we need mentors now more than ever.
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Power Paradox: Gain Power by Giving it Away
By Andrea Chilcote and Susan Reece


Power is a fascinating concept. Babies experience power related to obtaining nourishment and comfort; adults recognize how power affects their jobs, lifestyle and relationships. Many of us strive to attain and maintain power in balance. If we feel powerless, we feel victimized. If we believe our power is too strong, we feel enormous stress to perform flawlessly. Sometimes, giving away power means you get more. Sometimes delineating your power boundaries is necessary for survival. That’s why power is paradoxical—its outcomes are counterintuitive to the inputs.


We often wonder why we get so much of what we don’t want and not enough of what we wish for in personal and professional relationships.
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The Power to Inspire Yourself

Inspirational Video

You are inherently creative and powerful beyond measure. You’re capable of creating anything you truly want. Then why is change so hard? So often we start with the best intention then don’t get the results we say we want; all the while repeating things that aren’t giving us satisfaction. The answers to these deepest questions often lie inside. The problem is that we have quite cleverly rationalized our habits of thought—thus we stay stuck. We’re imprisoned by our thought patterns, our fears and our habits.

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This Very Moment
on ConversationsLIVE

Listen to Andrea discuss her book This Very Moment with the great interviewer Cyrus Webb.