Helping you realize the full value of your professional potential

Tired of the "cookie-cutter" approach to business consulting? Our no-nonsense approach to executive training, leadership and business consulting services address your issues and opportunities—customized, never one-size-fits-all.


Morningstar Ventures brings the unique pieces of your puzzle together. We use the most advanced technologies for human change available, apply them in practical ways, and measure long-term sustainability. Professional and practical, unbiased and unfiltered, we have the expertise and knowledge to span every area to help get it done right.​



Our wealth of experience is wide and deep in leadership and executive development. It ranges from designing and delivering practical foundation courses for emerging leaders, to addressing the unique development needs of executive leaders in experiential, action-learning formats.


In business you get one of two things; results—or all the reasons you didn’t reach the results. We believe that the ability and agility of leaders are the cause of successful results—and the lack of is the reason for breakdown. And we know leadership ability can be strengthened at all levels.



Economic realities and technological capabilities have converged to enable people to live and work in locations far from customers and team members. They often have more than one boss, and must collaborate to influence others in the organization without direct authority. All of this means they must build an uncommon degree of trust, often in the absence of traditional methods of communication.


Whether the opportunity is building high-trust, high performing teams or developing strategic priorities, we use innovative methods for superior results.



The extent to which Training and Organizational Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology function in concert with your company’s operating units directly impacts profitability, productivity and achievement of business results.


Effective functional leaders are proficient in consulting to understand the needs of a company’s business units, facilitating the design of the right solutions to meet those needs. These internal consultants help organizations respond to change, creating a framework for success.


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Our Executive Coaching services focus on two key needs; we help high potential candidates transition to senior leadership position, and we work with high level performers to recognize and build upon strenghts, explore alternative behaviors, and develop areas not yet mastered.


Every executive coaching program is custom designed to meet the individual client’s unique needs. We conduct robust assessments and establish clear goals at the start of each program. Then, through a series of face-to-face and scheduled telephone meetings, we act as a thinking partner and advisor in exploring possibilities and implementing thoughtful planning and decision making.

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When a restructure, merger or changes in the competitive landscape cause people to have to think and act in a dramatically different way, the task ahead can be daunting. We have a track record of producing results.

If you think being a silo-ed, hierarchical, authoritarian company is the way to competitive advantage, declare it so and act accordingly. There’s integrity in that. If you believe the way to win is through an organization that demonstrates uncommon agility, utilizes all of its brain reserve, and takes calculated risks, you must get people acting in alignment with that mission, and it can be hard work.



At Morningstar Ventures, we are experts in helping our clients identify obstacles to peak performance and create sustainable, breakthrough-level changes to produce measurable business results. We offer several types of both professional and personal assessment services including; 360 Degree Assessment and Birkman Method Assessment.


Learn more about what these assessments entail and how they can help you better understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement.